Monday, June 1, 2009

The Choir Needs Preaching To. So long, Nick.

Have you ever heard of the saying “preaching to the choir”? It means you are talking to people who already know what you are talking about (like minded individuals). I wonder where that expression originated. Surely, it didn’t originate at my church. I know this because our choir needs preaching to.

Rumor has it that our Choir Director has been given the boot, the axe, see ya later, don’t let the door knob hit cha. I knew it was coming and it’s probably the best thing…for Nick. I wish him well.

The problem with Nick was that he came in thinking that he was working with a group of committed individuals and that was far from true (I can say this because I use to be in the choir and I was not committed). There are choir members who have been singing for over a year, some more than two years who still have not invested in a choir robe. There is always an excuse…the dog ate my check book, little green men stole my pocketbook, I need a new pair of shoes to go along with the 100 other pair in my closet. Hmm, last Wednesday’s bible study was about sacrifice. I don’t think the choir was there and it’s too bad because that lesson was for them. Anyway, rehearsal is every Tuesday and Thursday at 7PM so of course most people arrive at 7:20, 7:30. We then spend the next 10-15 minutes catching up on important stuff like where to get your nails done, this weeks’ sales, what cha cookin for dinner, who got fired, laid off, died, got a new car, boyfriend, hair do. At 7:45 we get around to praying and finally getting to work on the selections we will be singing on Sunday. While Nick is working with the Altos, the Sopranos and Tenors are talking amongst themselves, talking on cell phones or texting…this is loud enough to drown out Nick’s instructions to the Altos. He gives a glance to the talkers but they ignore this and keep on talking. Repeat this when he’s working with the Tenors and Sopranos. 9PM comes and rehearsal is over. We’ve accomplished nothing. Thursday is much of the same accept half as many people have showed up. On Sunday, if you’re really listening, the lack of commitment shows and no one in the choir seems to care. Nick cares or should I say cared (you can see it on his face) and our Pastor cares (you can REALLY see it on his face).

So, so long Nick and I hope you have learned a valuable lesson here. Everyone is not as committed as you are. Some are not willing to make sacrifices. Some have no idea that singing is a form of ministering. Some people are clueless. At your next church, the first thing you should figure out is the level of commitment of your choir members. Firmly tell them how you work and what you expect of them. Remind them that they are ministering with song. Remind them often. Remind them. Sometimes you do have to preach to the choir.

Oh man, how can I forget the most important lesson...always listen to the bass player!

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